“We can do better, we can reach new heights!”

Our Mission

Safety, Welfare, Satisfaction, Growth

We are motivated by the satisfaction of our customers and those with whom we interact. We are always open to collaborating, sharing, learning and growing together.
We strive to reduce our carbon footprint, ensure the well-being of our farmers and production communities, and protect the environment while ensuring high-quality and safe products.

Aim for new heights! Never give up!

Blue Horse Corporation is a long-established company with expertise in trading operations, it has been a strong and reliable partner for many companies in Japan and overseas.

In order to continue to transform ourselves in the changing times, we will continue to connect the growth of individuals to the growth of our company and continue our efforts to practice sustainable value creation.

No matter what are the circumstances, keeping up with my smile, listening, and learning has helped me to grow. My mother always encouraged me with the words “Never give up, you can still do it”, helps me keep doing what I do.

Together with our trusted experts, we are always happy to support our mutual business.

President & CEO Shyam Pyarauk

July 2023

Est. 2006

Our Story

Blue Horse Corporation is a conveniently located import/export company located in the commercial center of Tokyo. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge and a mindset of continuous learning, we are always open to working with new partners like you to exceed the requirements and aspirations of our customers around the world.

Blue is the color of the clear, boundless sky. And just like a horse that runs dauntlessly and is full of energy, we see the blue horse as a symbol of uplifting energy and a strong desire to create success out of the myriad opportunities that exist in today’s world. adopted.

Currently, we are mainly active in the food and clothing fields. We also provide and contract various IT-related projects, recruitment, and outsourcing services.

Key to our success is our focus on customer satisfaction and the value-added support we provide to our clients and business partners through marketing, sales and service. We are able to achieve this by continuously researching and analyzing global trends to develop, introduce and market unique products that benefit society.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our business network and improve our relationships in the local market. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Always learning and growing steadily!

We have grown slowly over the last few years. We have successfully imported more than 100 of her products so far, meeting strict customer requirements and passionately working for our customer’s success.

Core values

With our can-do philosophy, a network of trusted partners around the world, and extensive experience and expertise, we can help you achieve your goals, regardless of industry, product, or service.

Let's be Fair

Because of you, we are what we are.

Our strength

Our strength is Mother Earth and this universe. we respect all living and objects equally.


Customers and people we work with are our strengths. Let’s protect ourselves and work together.


We are a small team with a strong vision!

Shyam Pyarauk

President and CEO

Hisato Takahasi


Hisao Yokota