Market Entry – Japan

Do you want to sell your products in Japan?

One of the biggest challenges to selling in Japan is the language barrier.
The second biggest challenge is to find a buyer in Japan.
Quality requirements in Japan are stringent.
Japanese consumer expectations are very high, they are very careful about small details.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in logistics and import regulations.

We handle everything from negotiations with buyers, import operations, 3PL, and final delivery to customers.

Why sell to Japan?
Selling in Japan gives you an edge to promote and sell your products in other markets.
Japan import procedures – custom regulations, Food quarantine, Plant Quarantine, Costmetic rules are very high.
Japanese consumers care about small details, and also price consicious.
Onus of product quality is more on retailers and Importers.

Our team works with you to ensure your products match and meet Japanese consumer expectations, meet regulations and safely and securely sell the products in Japan.

Let’s work together and succesfully launch your products in Japan.